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if you ever ever feel like alllmost opening up to someone: don’t.

literally in luv w ur blog just as much as u are ur fab

oh my thank you very much, ure lovely x

your blog is legit dope and it's like the one consistently cool blog on here

thank u ily

would u ever do 69?

tbh yes

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Rose Bertram, shot by Tyler, The Creator
Do you like casey veggies

his flow is cool but but his bars are a bit… shit u know

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odd future blog - nm
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forreal though
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Luxury // Urban // Nature // Fashion

wolf-tendencies lmao. you knoww

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odd future blog
do you follow trashwangers?


bruh you're blog is one of my all time favorites. best OF blog out there tbh.

hey that means a lot to me, thank you 🌹

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